Can paper carrier bags take the weight

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Can paper carrier bags take the weight?

The environmental benefits of using single-use plastic bags are being questioned all over Europe and the world. But The paper bag products produced by our factory's paper bag machine, ,can paper carrier bags replace them and take the weight of heavy objects like books and cartons of juice? 

paper bag machinery

We put our new Kraft paper bag 【paper bag machinery】Tough to an  unusual test.
The single fact that 8 billion single-use plastic bags end up as litter in Europe speaks its clear language. Many countries are pushing for less consumption of plastic, or banning single-use plastic altogether. There is also a trend towards a more sustainable lifestyle among the general public.
Therefore, paper bag products will become more and more popular, and the paper bag making machinery for the production of paper bags will be carried out first, which is more suitable for manufacturing different paper bag products.